Kafar Birem

كفر برعم כפר ברעם

Propositions and solutions

Since the uprooting of Kefar Bir’em indigenous population, the Israeli governments have been using “security” as a pretext to prevent the uprooted population from returning to their village. After the demolition of the village in 1953, the Israeli governments proposed alternative solutions for return, but it was seen that even those propositions were founded on the security situation that did not allow for the return of the people to their village. The propositions include the following:
  1. The Military Governor proposed the following on 22 October 1953 (36 days after the demolition of the village):
    • a. swapping Kafar Bir’em land for other land in any other place including land and homes of Palestinian refugees who have been displaced in the aftermath of 1948 war;
    • b. immigration; and
    • c. reparations.
  2. Another proposition was made on 19 April 1954 allowing the uprooted population of Kefar Bir’em to build housing units in Gish village (where actually the uprooted population of Kafar Bir’em moved) and retrieve part of their land in the village, especially land adjacent to Gish village. However, Kafr Bir’em inhabitants agreed to the latter part of the proposition and rejected the first part. Consequently, the Military Governor recanted and revoked the proposition.
  3. A proposition made on 15 June 1956 the following points:
    • a. establish housing units in Gish;
    • b. swap Kafar Bir’em land for land in Gish neighboring village; and
    • c. financial compensation and compensation in kind.
  4. A proposition made on 26 January 1958 concerned settling the uprooted population of Kafar Bir’em in Gish village.
  5. Another proposition made on 11 April 1965 involved settling the uprooted population of Kafar Bir’em anywhere except in the village.
  6. A proposition was made on 17 June 1966 to settle Kafar Bir’em population in Gish village.
  7. A 1985 proposition called for setting up a joint village for the uprooted population of both Kafar Bir’em and Ikret villages.
  8. On 24 December 1995 the Ministerial Committee headed by David Libai proposed the allocation of 600 acres from Kafar Bir’em land to lease for a long time to the Al-Bara’ma (the uprooted people of Kafar Bir’em who owned the right of return, the signing of a waiver of Kafar Bir’em homes that were demolished in 1953, and settling the issue of reparations for the confiscated land. (For more details on this topic).
All the propositions until 1985 aimed to expropriate the uprooted population of Kafr Bir’em and settling them in locations other than their original and natural place – a place where 1948 Palestinian refugees have been settled.